Amber Waves Pen!

I’ve made this pen before and this one is for a customer. I like this one because it has a pop of color. This pen is acrylic and not wood. These pens take longer because of the material and polishing needed to complete them.

Each pen starts out like this as a block I cut into two parts. In the center of each block is a 7mm brass tube I glue in for support. On the left is the block trimmed down to size. On the right is the original size.
This is what is looks like after I trim it to size. Its rough and not polished yet. You’ll see the steps I use to finish it.
I use water and sanpaper strips starting at 100 going up to 600 grit. It removes all the scratches from the tool. This process is crucial and I won’t proceed further until all tool marks are gone.
Another view of all the tools marks left over.
Step 2 I use 9 polishing pads that go all the way up to 4000 grit. This creates the high polish look.
Lastly, I learned this trick from youtube. I use scratch and swirl remover to get what you see in my pictures. It took several months of trial and error to get to this stage. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete an acrylic pen. 30 minutes are in the finish alone.
Before Polish!
After Polish!
End result. What you see on my hands is glue residue from installing the brass tubes inside the pen. Small price to pay for a beautiful pen.
Photo finish. I’ve been working hard to impove how I show pictures.

Again…thanks for reading.
Click here to purchase pen!


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