Pride Pen! Take 2!

I decided to create another version of the pen where both top and bottom match. I used pine in this one to see if the color would any different. It popped more than the other. Below is the base wood after its been cut to size. I tend to make the bottom piece slightly larger than the top. The hour glass look at popular I see.

Next I drew lines to show where I would cut the grooves to separate the colors. This is tricky cause I have to make sure they don’t bleed. A process I’m still perfecting. I have some other ideas to improve this in verson 3. Yes there is a version I’m working on.

Here you can see I drew in the lines for the six colors I’l add.

After I cut the grooves , I use a q-tip to get the stain in. In the next one I will use paint to get a better professional finsh. I will use a laquer this time for the polish after its all dry.

This is how it looked after staining.

Finished pen after staining my hands….lol

This is not an easy pen to create. You need a lot of patience and a steady hand. I improve it each time I make one. The next will done on hard maple. It should provide a better finish. I like looking at the improvents at each level. I do love this one. It makes a statement at any distance. Thanks for reading.


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