Glass Ebony

I plan on relabeling the name to “Glass Ebony” cause of its look. I did the pen 6 months ago as a test and someone purchased it this week. I wanted to put a new spin on it. I wanted it to be dark and a satin sheen to it.

This is Ebony wood. I cut and drill a 7mm hole in it to get two pieces. I placed a piece on top so you get view of how it begins.
Below is a link to a video of the pen turning process.
Here it is completely sanded and ready for the next stop of finish and polish.
Finish and polish is applied here. I’m still perfecting this process but I’m getting the hang of it. I’ll apply this technique to all my wooden pens.
The finished the pen.
Photo quality finish…lol I went with a simple but powerful background to contrast the pen. I look for different backgrounds to draw you in. Think I nailed it.

Thank you again for reading my blog!
Click here to purchase pen!


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